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Cyber Security Partner's co.

We are an international lean thinking Cyber start up providing IT/OT cyber security consulting services to local & global multinationals, promoting some of the most trusted and known brands like Zentera, Silicon Valley's leading Micro Segmentation specialists.


We are based in the exciting Malaga Valley region of Andalusia Spain with great access to the EU's capital cities and broader international markets.


We cater for Cyber and compliance needs faced by any size business, geographical location & industry as the threat landscape evolves daily.

AGP Valley Cyber offers:

- Strategic Cyber security IT OT consulting (see Convergence PDF) local and international markets

- Board training and Executive cyber education events to promote cyber sec cultural awareness in remote working. Humans are the new perimeter in security

- Cyber event contact Incident response team

- Cyber sec Awareness courses for SMB - Employee cyber culture Awareness tailored for any size business or sector relevance online events

- Iberia and global compliance regulations GDPR advice

- Fast track assessment to tailor cyber strategy advice and cyber defense program

- Security maturity concepts 5 year strategic and long term advice

- A more in-depth vulnerability analysis of your networks and applications for a long term cyber program

- Strategic pen tests on demand

- Security Operations center creation

- Digital transformation and adoption to the cloud hybrid model

- Industry 4.0 compliant methodology

- Zero trust strategy implementation

Our Approach

We adhere to a Microsegmentation methodology, creating zones in data centers and cloud environments to isolate workloads from one another and secure them individually. ... We aim to reduce the network attack surface, improve breach containment and strengthen regulatory compliance.

Our Services


Understand current threats faced specific to your industry.


There is no silver bullet. However, being prepared for the worst is an advantage most are mislead or unprepared for.


Prioritize legacy technology, new cloud application and digital transformation use cases with a cyber lens from the core.

"We look forward to this exciting new partnership in EMEA with AGP Valley Cyber developing our Micro Segmentation Solutions for all enterprises in the region.”

Michael Ichiriu
VP Marketing & Product Zentera

Ready to find out more?

Bringing the latest Cyber technology to the EMEA market is based on rigorous research seeking the latest solutions countering lethal attacks which lie ahead.  Micro Segmentation specialists Zentera lead the way in the Americas, let us share with you how.

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